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蕭芬琪,中國美術家協會會員,當代畫壇新銳女畫家、策展人、專欄作家,擅藝術史論及書畫鑑賞,香港大學文學院藝術學系哲學博士,曾策劃統籌藝術活動和展覽逾百個,編輯書畫冊逾六十部,公開撰寫發表藝術文化文章逾百篇。著作包括《王一亭》《孫星閣》等。1992年,水彩畫《國際嘉年華》參加香港大學馮平山博物館「中學生平面美術作品展」,獲優異獎。2014年迄今,油畫、中國畫、水彩畫及雕塑作品分別參加20多次由國家文化部、中央文史研究館、中央美術學院等主辦的大型展覽,尤其在美國三藩市加州政府大樓的展覽,獲中國駐三藩市總領事館總領事極高評價,並獲美國加州參議院、加州眾議院、三藩市市政府、三藩市市議會頒發嘉許狀。 曾被聘為佳士得香港有限公司中國書畫部專家。現任香港藝苑集團董事副總裁、汕頭藝苑文化廣場董事總經理、香港藝苑出版社社長兼主編、廣東省嶺東美術館總館長、中國藝苑研究學會副主席、《嶺東》雜誌社社長兼主編、嶺東雕塑院執行館長、海外中國美術家協會秘書長、香港美協理事(創會秘書長)、香港江蘇社團總會副秘書長、美國潮商會理事兼青年委員會副主任委員、國際潮籍博士聯合會會員等。 2016年入選首屆「全球華人傑出青年」,並獲「全球華人傑出青年藝術人物大獎」。Siu Fun Kee was born in Chaoyang, Guangdong province, China. She is a member of Chinese Artists Association, painter, curator, and columnist. She is good at art history and theory, as well as connoisseurship of Chinese painting and calligraphy. She received the degree of doctor of philosophy at Department of Fine Arts, Faculty of Arts, the University of Hong Kong. Dr. Siu has coordinated over hundred art activities and exhibitions. She has also edited more than 60 painting albums and has published more than hundred articles about art and culture in public. She has written books including Wang Yiting and Sun Xingge. In 1992, her watercolor painting “International Arts Carnival”won the merit award at the "Exhibition of Two-dimensional Works by Secondary School Students" jointly presented by the Fung Ping Shan Museum of the University of Hong Kong and Education Department. Since 2014, her oil paintings, Chinese paintings, watercolor paintings and sculptures have participated in more than 20 major group exhibitions organized by the Ministry of Culture, Central Research Institute of Culture and History, the Central Academy of Fine Arts and others, especially the one at the California Government Building in San Francisco. Her works were highly praised by Chinese Consul General in San Francisco and she was awarded with certificates of recognition by San Francisco Mayor, California Senator, and California Assembly member. Dr. Siu was hired as an expert at the Chinese painting department of Christie's Hong Kong. She is currently serving as the Vice President of Hong Kong Art and Culture Group, Managing Director of Shantou Art and Culture Centre, President and Chief Editor of Hong Kong Gallery Publishing, General Director of Guangdong Provincial Lingdong Museum of Arts, Vice Chairman of China Gallery Research Institute, President and Chief Editor of the Lingdong Magazine, Executive Director of Lingdong Sculpture Academy, Secretary-general of Association of Overseas Chinese Artists, Director of Hong Kong Artists Association (Xiang Gang Mei Xie), Deputy Secretary-general of Federation of HK Jiangsu Community Organisations, Director of American Teo Chew Business Association and Deputy Commissioner of the Youth Committee, Member of International Teochew Doctors Association and so on. In 2016, she was selected as the first "Global Chinese Outstanding Youth" and won the "Global Chinese Outstanding Young Artists Award".

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