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荷蘭畫家:Jan Aanstoot
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Aanstoot是一位才華橫溢的荷蘭畫家,曾在荷蘭和阿聯酋展出他的作品。他從安靜的風景,古典音樂和孫子們的歡樂中獲得靈感,他觀看周圍的孩子們唱歌跳舞,創造了具有技術專長和情感骨幹的抽像作品。Aanstoot is a talented Dutch painter who has exhibited his work in the Netherlands and UAE. Gaining inspiration from a range of sources including serene landscapes, classical music and the joy of his grandchildren as he watches them sing and dance around, he creates abstract works marked by technical expertise and an emotional backbone.
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