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藝術家:弗雷德·菲利普斯(Fred Phillips)

弗雷德·菲利普斯(Fred Phillips),又名Parhelion,是巴巴多斯的一位畫家,他的作品強調創造本身就是最終的信息。他認為生活充滿活力,充滿了不斷運動的不規則能量,他通過使用原始色彩體現在他的作品中。對於菲利普斯來說,創造力的自發表現是絕望的對立面。他的抽象表現主義作品是在畫布上使用丙烯酸製成的。

Fred Phillips, also known as Parhelion, is a painter based in Barbados whose works highlight the act of creation itself as the ultimate message. He views life as vibrant, filled with riotous energy that is in constant motion, which he embodies in his works through the use of raw colors. For Phillips, a spontaneous demonstration of creativity is the very antithesis of despair. His abstract expressionist works are created using acrylics on canvas.





This work grew from a legal disclaimer Parhelion read years ago on a box of milk. saying that the contents plus water were a product that would meet a legal standard for milk. He knew right away that he would have to paint something that parodied those words; a work that would wake us up to the absurd tendency of small minds to take something wholesome and nourishing (like milk, which feeds us first on our entry into life, or art, without which life isn't worth living) and try to cage it and de-nature it in a prison of laws and standards. It took a year just to track down the exact words used, then more time to play with them and come up with a unique twist on them, and then paint the result on canvas. He plans many more iterations of this work, with variations on the phrases!


畫家:弗雷德·菲利普斯(FRED PHILLIPS)
弗雷德·菲利普斯(Fred Phillips),又名Parhelion,是巴巴多斯的一位畫家,他的作品強調創造本身就是最終的信息。他認為生活充滿活力,充滿了不斷運動的不規則能量,他通過使用原始色彩體現在他的作品中。對於菲利普斯來說,創造力的自發表現是絕望的對立面。他的抽象表現主義作品是在畫布上使用丙烯酸製成的。

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